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JOMA ENERGÍA, a leading renewable energy solutions company, faced the challenge of expanding their market and attracting qualified talent. They needed an effective strategy to reach potential customers and professionals in the energy sector.


Our marketing agency developed a multi-faceted strategy on LinkedIn, leveraging its extensive network of professionals and companies. We implemented a series of key actions:

Company Profile Optimisation: We redesigned JOMA ENERGÍA’s LinkedIn profile to highlight its strengths, successful projects and commitment to sustainability.

Engaging and Educational Content: We created and shared content that not only highlighted JOMA’s products and services, but also educated about renewable energy. This included articles, infographics and case studies.

Targeted Advertising: We used LinkedIn’s targeting tools to target ads to specific sectors, including companies interested in renewable energy and renewable energy professionals.

Active Networking: We encouraged active participation in discussion groups related to renewable energy, where JOMA ENERGÍA was able to share its expertise and connect with potential clients and collaborators.

Referral Programme: We encouraged JOMA employees to use their personal networks to identify talent and business opportunities.

40% Increase in Potential Customers: The strategy resulted in a significant increase in enquiries from customers interested in JOMA ENERGÍA’s services.
25% growth in Page Followers: JOMA’s LinkedIn profile attracted a larger number of followers, increasing its visibility and credibility in the sector.
Key Talent Hiring: The visibility on LinkedIn helped JOMA attract and hire several highly qualified professionals, strengthening its team.
Strategic Relationships: Valuable partnerships were established with other companies and players in the energy sector.

This success story demonstrates how a well-executed digital marketing strategy on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to engage customers and talent. JOMA ENERGÍA not only improved its online presence, but also achieved tangible results that boosted its growth and success in the renewable energy market.

Case Study: Tiburón CrossFit

Tiburon CrossFit, an emerging gym specialising in CrossFit, faced the challenge of growing their client base and recruiting qualified instructors. Despite having top-notch facilities and exceptional training programmes, they needed a more effective marketing strategy to attract new clients and talent.

Strategy Implemented
Evol Agency designed a comprehensive marketing strategy, harnessing the power of LinkedIn, Facebook Ads and email campaigns.

LinkedIn for Recruitment and B2B: We used LinkedIn to make connections with fitness trainers and industry professionals. We created content highlighting career opportunities at Tiburon CrossFit and the advantages of partnering with the gym for corporate and team building events.

Facebook Ads to Increase Clientele: We launched Facebook ad campaigns targeting specific audience segments at the Tiburón CrossFit location. The ads emphasised the gym’s unique community, innovative training programmes and membership offers.

Loyalty and Recruitment Email Campaigns: We developed a series of email campaigns to keep current members informed and attract new customers. These included newsletters, special offers and testimonials from satisfied members.

Constant Analysis and Adjustments: Our team continuously tracked all campaigns, optimising strategies to improve performance and ROI.

Doubling of Turnover: The combination of these marketing channels resulted in a remarkable increase in Tiburón CrossFit’s turnover, doubling it in a set period.
60% Increase in New Memberships: Facebook campaigns and email marketing strategies led to a significant increase in new memberships.
Successful Instructor Recruitment: LinkedIn strategy attracted several highly qualified CrossFit instructors, expanding class offerings and schedules.
Improved Client Retention: Email campaigns improved retention of existing clients by keeping them engaged and connected to the Tiburon CrossFit community.
This success story with Tiburón CrossFit illustrates how a well-orchestrated digital marketing strategy can transform a fitness business. With the help of Evol Agency, Tiburón CrossFit not only managed to double its turnover but also expand its community and strengthen its team, establishing itself as a benchmark in the CrossFit world.